Little Creek Calls

Our Story

Hello,  my name is Ammon Talbot. I am a custom call maker from Queen Creek, Arizona.

I was introduced to turkey hunting about 15 years ago. Being avid big game hunters, my dad and I would attend sports shows and expos whenever we had a chance. At several of these shows, we had the opportunity of meeting and talking with Marvin Robbins. My dad would always look forward to talking to him. These conversations sparked in us an interest in turkey hunting. I then started attending his seminars and it became an annual tradition to go to his seminar before turkey hunting each spring. Even after becoming a proficient turkey hunter, I still seemed to learn several new things at each seminar. I bought multiple calls from him and enjoyed using his calls. The first tom I ever called in was using a push pin call I bought from him. I have been fortunate enough to harvest over 20 birds in three different states (Arizona, New Mexico and Hawaii) and still find myself using some of the calls he sold me. 

It was a sad day when I heard of Marvin’s passing. After he was gone I began thinking about where I was going to get calls and who was going to supply local hunters like me with custom calls. I did as much research as I could and started buying the tools and equipment I would need to get started making calls. I decided to start with pot calls (slate, glass and aluminum). I had purchased several custom calls from national award winning call makers and felt like I knew what sounded good and had some things I liked and didn’t like about each call. I also wanted to use some local grown hardwoods from states that I have hunted. I found a few sources to buy locally harvested hardwoods in Arizona and Hawaii and began making calls. It took a lot of practice and a lot of wood but I found techniques and designs that make great turkey calls. Calls that I have made have killed birds in Arizona, New Mexico, Hawaii, Mississippi, Virginia, Missouri, Nebraska, New York, and Kentucky.

The name Little Creek Calls comes from the tallest peak near where my dad grew up. My grandfather and his brothers homesteaded a ranch at the base of Little Creek Peak in what’s called Bear Valley. My first memory’s of hunting and the outdoors are deer hunting with my dad and uncles on the slopes of Little Creek and surrounding mountains. A few years ago I had the opportunity to summit the peak while attending a reunion for my grandfathers family. It was great to be in a place with my wife that holds so many family memories. I look forward to being able to climb it with my son when he is old enough to handle the challenge.


 My Wife and I at the summit of Little Creek Peak
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