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Welcome to Little Creek Calls, supplier of custom handmade hunting calls.
We specialize in custom turkey calls that will bring those weary longbeards into range.

It has been a fun and busy three or four years. It seems like just yesterday I started buying the tools and equipment to start making calls. I have learned a lot and my calls have really come a long way since the first couple calls I made. They were great calls and still have a special place in my hunting vest but I keep looking for ways to make my calls better and feel confident that my best sounding call is the one I just finished making. I have tried most suppliers for materials and am using what I feel are the highest quality products available for call makers today. I am grateful for the people and customers I have met and talked to along the way and look forward to helping you have a more enjoyable time in the woods this spring. Thank you for your business and support.

It is an exciting time for Little Creek Calls. Starting in March our first box calls available for purchase. This is a product that has been two years in the making. I have been learning and working with a couple different designs and have come to what I feel is the best product to accompany you into the woods this spring and fall. We will number the first ten calls and offer them as a special collector’s edition. We are planning to have two or three woods available to offer you a variety of looks of sounds.

I will be teaching two seminars this spring. The first will be on Saturday, March 1st from 2 to 3 PM at Cabela’s in Glendale, AZ. It will be part of their spring great outdoor days. It will be on calling tips and calling strategy. The second seminar will be Wednesday, April 2nd from 6 to 8:30PM at Sportsman’s warehouse in Mesa, AZ. We will cover Scouting and hunting tips as well as some hands on training and instruction with pot calls and box calls. I will have calls available for purchase. There will be a raffle with a few of my calls as well as some supplies and a shotgun supplied by Sportsman’s Warehouse. I look forward to teaching and meeting some of you there. I really enjoy sharing what I have learned because that is how I got started in turkey hunting.

I am in the planning stages for my upcoming spring turkey in New Mexico. I look forward to camping with my family and sharing my excitement with my two boys even though they are to young to have their own permits. I am also looking forward to helping out on the youth hunt back in Arizona. It is so fun to see the excitement on their faces and to hear them later retell the story of them taking their first turkey.

I pray that everyone has a safe and enjoyable escape from everyday life in the woods this spring. May your aim be true and your shot find its mark,

Ammon Talbot

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